Does the Lord use us to serve others?

Jesus said, “I am among you as he that serveth” (Luke 22:27 in the Bible). As true followers of Jesus, we also should serve others.

Service is helping others who need assistance. Christlike service grows out of genuine love for the Savior and of love and concern for those whom He gives us opportunities and direction to help. Love is more than a feeling. When we love others, we want to help them.

The Lord Serves Us Though Others

Throughout our lives all of us depend on others for help. When we were infants our parents fed, clothed, and cared for us. Without this care we would have died. When we grew up other people taught us skills and attitudes. Many of us have needed nursing care during illness or money in a financial crisis. Some of us ask God to bless suffering people and then do nothing for them. We must remember that God works through us to help others.

Example of How the Lord Works Through Us

Cindy Johnson who lives in Washington State explains how the lord used her to help another of His daughters in trouble. “As I hurried out of the grocery store after a long day at work, I overheard a woman talking on her phone about how her car wouldn’t start. Despite my hurry to get home, I stopped and asked if she needed jumper cables. She explained that her car had a different problem, and she was calling her sister-in-law, who was babysitting her children, to let her know she would be late picking them up. I left the store with my groceries feeling that I had done my good deed for the day. As I loaded the groceries into the back of my car, I had the thought, ‘Go offer her a ride.’ I quickly brushed it away. I had been away from my family all day, I was tired, and I had ice cream and other items that I needed to get into the freezer. Besides, I thought, ‘her car has broken down right across the street from a mechanic shop. She couldn’t be in a more ideal spot!’ Then memories of times I had been stranded and unable to get help came to my mind. I had this firm impression: ‘The ice cream will keep. Go offer her a ride.’ I quickly loaded the rest of my groceries into the car and went back to find the woman. I told her that I had room for her, if she was interested. She readily accepted and even apologized for making me go out of my way. She said that she had been calling everyone she knew, and no one was able to help her. As it turned out, her destination was only a mile or two from my house. I was able to help her reunite with her children and still had plenty of time to get home and put my ice cream in the freezer. I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who knows our needs and our abilities and who loves us enough to help us grow by giving us opportunities to serve others.”

The Blessings of Service

When we help one another we serve God. An ancient prophet taught, “…When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God…” (Mosiah 2: 17 p. 149 in the Book of Mormon)

The Savior Set the Perfect Example of Service

He explained that He didn’t come to earth to be served but to serve and to give His life for us.

(Matthew 20:28 in the Bible) When He was on earth He served the poor, the ignorant, the sinner, the despised. He taught the gospel to all who would listen, fed crowds of hungry people who came to hear Him, healed the sick, and raised the dead. He is the Creator of the earth and our Savior, yet He did many humble acts of service. Just before His Crucifixion He met with His disciples. After teaching them, He took a basin of water and a towel and washed their feet (John 13:4-10 in the Bible) In those days washing a visitor’s feet was a sign of honor and was usually done by a servant. The roads were not paved and very dusty due to the arid climate. It was especially hard to keep the feet and sandals clean. Jesus did it as an example of love and service. When we willingly serve others in the spirit of love, we become more like Jesus Christ.

Dallas Jones is the local leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This article quoted writings by Cindy Johnson in the June 2020 edition of Ensign. For further discussion call (231) 383-8359 or send an email to [email protected]. If interested in reading previous articles written by Dallas Jones, visit